Our practice offers complete veterinary support, including out of hours cover, for the complete range of animals used in Irish farming. Our range of services include:

  • Routine call out service
  • Emergency call out service
  • Herd Health Management
  • Herd Screening for infectious agents (blood and milk sampling)
  • Herd Screening for mineral imbalances
  • Herd Screening for negative energy balance
  • Milk Record Analysis including investigation of high SCC herds
  • Fertility work including pre breeding scanning, scanning for pregnancy and investigation of infertility
  • Neonatal calf disease investigation
  • Advice on dosing
  • Advice on respiratory vaccines
  • ICBF record analysis
  • T.B. and Brucellosis testing

Please fill in an ICBF release form at the clinic to allow us access to your ICBF records.

Now at Blackwater Vet Clinic Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations.

You can bring your bull to us or we can call out to you to do a full bull breeding soundness exam including semen evaluation.

We can issue certificates of soundness also. Please contact the office for more information.