Vaccinate Early

Your kitten will usually require two vaccinations, two weeks apart, from nine weeks old.

Young kittens are very susceptible to a bad bout of cat flu or infectious enteritis, both of which can be fatal at a young age.

Unfortunately the smaller the kitten is, the harder it get hit when it comes to infectious diseases. So, it is important to get vaccinations started as soon as possible.

Remember your kitten is not fully protected until two weeks after the last vaccination as their immune system needs this time to respond.



At Blackwater Veterinary Clinic we advise to worm your kitten every 2 weeks until 3 months old, every month thereafter until 6 months old and every 3 months after that. Worms can hinder your kitten's development and make them sick.


Fleas and other parasites

In all small animals and young pets external parasites, especially fleas and ticks, can cause problems because they suck blood and can transmit infection. Anemia can result from a large infestation which can be dangerous for a young pet.

Please ask us for help in choosing the correct treatment and prevention of external parasites for your young kitten.

Most treatments will need to be repeated once monthly as a spot-on treatment on the back of the neck.



Microchipping your pet means in the unfortunate event of your pet going missing, the chances of having them returned to you are greatly increased. Collars can be removed or lost, but microchips are a permanent means of identification.

Microchipping is a simple procedure involving the placement of an electronic chip (about the size of a rice grain) under the skin at the back of your pet's neck. Once inserted the chip it is there for life and does not malfunction once checked initially.

Veterinary clinics, dog wardens and animal welfare organisations routinely 'scan' stray animals for microchips.

We advise all pets should be microchipped and registered to you.



Kittens can be weaned from 4 weeks and usually can eat dry food from about 6 weeks of age. Your kitten no longer requires milk after 6 weeks of age. Please try and maintain your cat on dry food as this helps keep your teeth in good condition. We recommend Hills cat food.