Congratulations you have a new arrival in the family! Here is some general information about all things puppy!

The first few months of a puppy's life are very important for pup and owner. As well as learning how to behave and socialise, there are some important healthcare needs to attend to.

We will look at matters such as parasite control, vaccinations, nutrition, socialisation, microchipping, neutering



We recommend a course of 2-3 vaccinations, two weeks apart, starting from 6-8 weeks of age. This means that your pet will start to become protected from infections, diseases as early and as effectively as possible.

These vital inoculations protect your pet against nasty life threatening and sometimes fatal diseases such as parvo virus and leptospirosis.

Remember, a pup is not fully vaccinated until it is two weeks after its last puppy vaccination and should not be walked until this stage.

When you bring your pup to Blackwater Veterinary Clinic for his vaccinations our vet will perform a full clinical examination and advise you on the best healthcare for your pup.


Parasite Control

Flea and ectoparasite (external parasites) control are vital for your pup as these parasites can have very serious consequences in young animals.



Most puppies are born with a burden of worms. So, it is best to 'presume guilty' when it comes to worms!

At Blackwater Veterinary Clinic we recommend you deworm your puppy every fortnight until it is 12 weeks old, once a month thereafter until it is 6 months old and then every 3 months for life.

Please contact our vets about when to start the worming and what products to use.

Certain products are unsafe if a puppy is below a certain age or weight.


Pick Up Their Poo!

Please make sure to pick up your puppy's faeces regularly, as puppies love to eat their poo, which can cause reinfestation with worms.

Please inquire in the clinic about free poo bags!


Risk to Humans

Roundworms also pose a health risk to humans, especially children. Worming is essential to prevent and reduce this risk.



At Blackwater Veterinary Clinic we believe puppies are what they eat! Your puppy gets only one chance to develop a strong healthy body. It will have a rapid rate of growth especially if it is a large breed puppy.

It is essential to feed a properly balanced diet that meets all nutritional requirements. Feed only good dog food and no leftover human food.

We recommend and supply Science Plan Puppy and Vet Essentials Puppy because we think they are the best most nutritious food for your puppy.

Please consult our vets in relation to which products are safe and effective to use on your puppy. Puppies with fleas most likely also have a certain type of worm called a tape worm and this will need treating also.