Digital X-ray

We have our own in-house digital X-ray machine and facilities when required. Typical situations for taking X-rays would be of a suspected internal injury, a broken leg or in the vomiting puppy where the owner has noticed a child's toy missing! It is quite astounding what dogs manage to swallow! Our x-ray facilities are the same as those used in human hospitals. Because our x-rays are digital it is possible for us to email them to a specialist radiologist in Dublin for a second opinion within 24 hours if required.

Our Digital X-ray Machine  Dog Broken Leg X-Ray
Fig.1 Our Digital X-ray Machine Fig.2 Dog broken leg X-ray

Ultrasound Imaging

Like in humans we use this for scanning for pregnancy in pets. Although it is not possible to tell the exact number of pups or kittens to expect (they usually all lie on top of each other which make it difficult to count) we can show you heartbeats and developing skeletons. It is a good way to confirm pregnancy in the early stages. We also use ultrasonography to visualise internal organs when we suspect there may be a problem for example, bladder stones. It is a good way of letting us know what to expect before surgery.